Three Tips to Choosing A Wedding Reception Venue

Getting married is a big deal; and it can be a real big headache if you don’t plan properly. As such, here are three tips for choosing the right venue for the big day.

PICK A DATE (no, REALLY, pick a date)

You would be surprised how many couples decide to get married and then start planning the wedding and the wedding reception before they set a date.  If you have a specific date set in mind it can alter who can come to the wedding, which can alter how many people will effectively attend. In addition, having a date could also determine the Le Crystal wedding venue:

A Quick Tip: if you want a June wedding, you may not get the day you want at the hall you want (it’s a popular month).  Reserve several years in advance or have a back up plan, just in case.

ESTIMATE (realistically, though)

The big day is going to seem very far away (if you plan it right) and as you start planning, you might have this lofty dreams of how big you want the event, how many people you want to attend, and how much you are willing to spend.  Unfortunately, leading with your big ideas—and then not keeping them in check—can result in more disappointment than delight.  Instead, you need to estimate how many people you would like to invite.  Of course, before you can realistically do that, you need to estimate how much money you can spend on the venue and on catering.

A Quick Tip: Experts say that you should not spend more than 50 percent of your budget on the venue (accommodations, not catering)


First of all, your venue will be almost like a third party in your wedding. Yes, it is all about you and your spouse but you want to choose a place that feels like home; not only to you but to your guests.  You don’t want people distracted by the odd building or ambience.

This will also help you to choose your color scheme.  If the venue has any color to it, already, they probably aren’t going to paint the walls just for your wedding.  So if you have your heart set on certain colors, make sure you pick the venue that complements them; or wait to set your colors until you know you have the right venue.

A Quick Tip: Think about family events in your life and find a place that feels like that!

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