Things To Look For Inside A Wedding Videographer?

Lately, my cousin grew to become engaged, and i’ll be his best man. Naturally, the topic of who definitely are his wedding videographer emerged. His answer was simple: what must i consider when searching for a marriage videographer? Being in the industry myself, I must shed some light about them.


When to consider a marriage videographer, search for somebody that is continually shooting weddings. Typically, an active wedding cinematographer will record about 20-35 weddings each year. Above 35 weddings might be overkill.

To begin with, make certain that the videographer has been doing greater than thirty weddings. If s/he’s done greater than fifty wedding, it may be easily considered a skilled videographer.

I would not really put many pounds when the videographer states that she or he has two, three or five experience. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is the number of wedding she or he has done. The greater the merrier.

Exactly why is experience essential in my experience? Because in DSLR video, focusing is very important and hard, and exercise makes master. Unless of course your taste is perfect for video which goes interior and exterior focus, you need to locate a videographer what’s going to keep the video in focus.

One versus Multiple videographers

Inquire if the videographer can display you videos that she or he has been doing alone inside a wedding. After which work they have completed with two or three videographers. This is actually important.

Based on your financial allowance you might want to opt for just one wedding videographer rather of multiple ones. Watch examples of their work while shooting a marriage video alone. Ask what’s the best position she or he adopts throughout the ceremony and also the reception.

Ask to determine work while dealing with several videographers too. The way they position each camera throughout the ceremony and reception.

Ask to look at excerpts of the wedding video greater than a highlight. Many wedding videographers highlight within the highlight greater than the marriage video itself. I’ve come across videographers missing important areas of the ceremony since they’re working to obtain an exotic position lower in the aisle floor or using the slider. Edge in the game simply to create more production value for their highlight to exhibit future clients.


Another essential matter to go over is the equipment. If you’re having to pay a marriage videographer, let say greater than 2000 dollars, check that they’re using DSLR cameras, preferably canon cameras.

There are lots of, however, many videographers still using regular HD cameras, that provide you acceptable image, although not motion picture seem like DSLR cameras will give you.

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