The Marriage of Yours: Hire an advisory or not?

Organizing a wedding is not one of the easiest tasks. Wedding counseling has the role of managing all event items from start to finish and still help the bride and groom on the best choices and even “save” time and money.

When it’s time to start wedding preparations, many couples wonder, “Is it really necessary to hire a Wedding Planner?”

At the time of our grandmother’s marriages, marrying was a much simpler thing. There were not so many choices of spaces and vendors, it was usually a certain florist and the family seamstress. Today marriages have a larger dimension and many, but many choices of vendors in the market. So the brides have gained a new professional: the wedding advisor. This professional has the role of dedicating to make this great dream of couples come true.

The good part:

The advisory receives advantages in the negotiations with all the companies with which it has partnerships and its role is to seek the balance between the quality of services, the expectation and budget of the grooms. The couple choose their suppliers and have the wedding however they want and still know what to charge their suppliers or not. The bride and groom still has the peace of mind of having someone thinking about everything for them.

The part we need to analyze:

The bride and groom will need to be organized, keeping all contracts up to date so that they can do their job properly, and will still have to go a long way to get service providers, especially after work and during lunch hours, these professionals are working and have little time.

Wedding Query Tip:

Search, research and research a lot of wedding services. Get directions to friends and family who recently married. Compare values; be wary of those who charge values ​​well below competitors. Make the choice for professionals who have been in the market for a long time, and who have more experience. With the right Wedding Planning this is important.

Having someone to trust the most special day of their lives is often to meet a new best friend. Good party.
Ask for recommendations of your ceremonial, since it is he who works directly with all the services involved in the day of the event and can tell you which service fits most with your style or which professional meets the agreed or already left to be desired. Also value the information of your friends who have already contracted or know the service of a professional.

How about making a bouquet that is not of flowers?

We know flowers can be incredibly expensive when it comes to planning a wedding. Then bet on alternative assemblies to traditional flower arrangements, including the bouquet. You can use jewelry, make origami, and join herbs and even fake flowers to give the imposing air.

Self-service drinks

Ever wondered how amazing the photos of a tub full of drinks will stay? This is a very functional, practical and economical way to serve the guests, as it waives the waiter service. No need to be in a tub, necessarily: a boat works well, a trunk. See if you do not have some friends who have something left at home.

Honeymoon: flight of the high seasons

Destiny may be the most classic of all, but it does not have to be the same price as building a castle in Denmark. Whether it’s your national or international destination, try to go before or after the peak season. The values are sure to be much better.

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