The Evolution of Matchmaking Sites Over the Years

People have been matchmaking for as long as relationships have existed in our society. From arranged marriages to online matchmaking, there has been a great revolution. There are times when people look back fondly on the days of matchmaking that does back generations. However, for most that are unaware, online dating has been present for over 20+ years. It is since then and till today that relationships initiated online have been an evolving part of our culture. There is no denying that each era of matchmaking has had its pros, cons and its own set of unspoken rules.

Talking about from where it all began; the concept of online dating was brought into function by two Harvard students in 1965. They created “Operation Match”, thus giving online dating a way across web. Later, in 1991 when the World Wide Web officially became available across the globe, many dating aka matrimonial websites started popping up. In 1997, was founded to link up people romantically. During these years, since resources and internet usage was limited, matchmaking was somewhat lacking in its basic approach. Also, conservative families were hesitant to arrange marriages through matchmaking sites. People continued to meet their partners in a more traditional way – i.e within their social circles, through their families or through their jobs. It was not until the 21st century, when everything became digital that a lot of people started browsing websites for matchmaking. At this time, there were many online sites that started offering matchmaking services, with proper bride/groom profiles; with pictures, and information about themselves and what they are looking for in a partner. These websites then pro-actively matched these profiles to a suitable partner, based on the information provided.

With the success of matchmaking over the internet, the websites managed to build trust in the millions of users they had. Irrespective of the city, country, caste or religion, more and more people got on these websites to search for a suitable partner. Over the years, all such websites offering online wedding services progressed, including With an advancement in technology, the website launched new features and became more user-friendly. Today, either parents, or the bride and the groom themselves get online, and create their profiles with complete information to search for a suitable partner. The services offered are so advanced that an individual in a company is assigned to a single profile to help them make the user’s search easy and quick. To further put your doubts to rest, the profiles on the sites go through a complete background verification, making the platform completely safe and secure.

Over these years, matrimony sites have seen a drastic change, in terms of people’s response and technological innovation. The use of the finest technology to keep every profile secure has earned people’s trust and has made it easier for them to look for a suitable partner at their own convenience. Also, most matchmaking on these platforms aren’t reserved to a specific country and span across the globe.

So, what are you waiting for? You’re to-be partner could be waiting for you to show an interest on his/her profile.

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