Ring in the D Day with the Pre-Wedding photographer in Singapore

Times have changed and so are trending styles in which weddings are being conducted. Earlier wedding used to be a glitzy but formal affair. The couples were seriously and meticulously involved in the rituals and traditions of the wedding celebration. They must have hardly met or spoken before the wedding day. It was the responsibility of the families of the couples for organizing the photographers and video shoots.

Now, we are in a modern era where couples themselves take the initiative of recording the finest moments of their life in the manner that they want. As the wedding is a lifetime event they prefer to get married in an especial way like a destination wedding which comprises of candid photography sessions and pre-wedding photo shoots.

Pre-wedding photographer in Singapore is in much demand during the wedding seasons. Their talent is put to the test during the photo shoots of the couples, mainly the pre-wedding photographs. Annabel law productions encompass a team of dedicated dream-makers who have years of experience in capturing the most treasured moments of couples all over the world.

Planning a Pre-Wedding photo-shoot

The team of photographers at annabel law productions has put their heart and soul into the craft to derive at magnificent results. It could be vividly visible in the moments that they capture. They are perfect at clicking all the moments however big or small it is. Even the ones which you would never expect to be captured, do not escape their good eyes.

The photographers can soak up the spirit of love that is in the air and the overflow of emotions all around to create an array of photos that evoke sweet memories and a sea of emotions when you look at them years after.

The pre-wedding photographer in singapore well plans the format of the photo-shoot where the couples are allowed to interact with each other freely while getting clicked. This helps in clicking the most candid moments of the couples before they tie the wedlock. These photo shoots and video shoots help the couples to create chemistry with each other as well as set a rapport with the photographer before the wedding day.

On the other hand, the photographer also gets to know the comfort zones, creative angles and perfect poses of the couples. Finally, the best in candid clicks can be presented to the couple and their family.

Fix the Place

The pre-wedding photo shoot is done at a location of the couple’s choice in discussion with the photographer. Depending on the budget fixed by the couple the pre-wedding photo shoot can be done at any of the following places:

  • Exotic location
  • Beaches
  • Gardens
  • Tourist spots or Luxurious hotel

They can even add a Storyline to their Photo shoot.

Thus the best pre-wedding photographer in Singapore from Annabel Law productions can assure you of their great services and creative ideas for you to treasure a lifetime.

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