Follow These 7 Rules To Select An Experienced Wedding Caterer!

Don’t be surprised to know that most guests look forward to the wedding feast. If you are planning your big day, you can look up for venues that offer additional catering services. When that’s not an option, you have to spend some time in finding a good wedding caterer.

Below are some of the things you need to check.

  • Start with a budget. Every wedding is different, and not every couple wants to spend millions on their feast and arrangements. Ideally, set a budget for food and drinks before you start contacting some of the wedding catering services.
  • Consider the venue. Arranging the bar, food and other things requires time, and if you have selected an offbeat venue, you may not have all the essential things at disposal. Check the venue and what you can realistically manage.

  • Delivery vs. full-service catering. Usually, caterers take care of the requested arrangements at the venue, which includes setup, servers and other things. However, if you are organizing the event at an unexpected venue, you can opt for delivery, where the caterers will arrive an hour prior to the event with food and beverages ready to be served.
  • Contact a few services for proposals. These days, most caterers have their websites, so you can easy find the best ones in your city. Make sure that you contact at least two to three caterers to get proposals. Instead of just checking the price, try to understand what is being covered in the contract.

  • Ask for tasting. Before your guests taste the food, you need to know if things have been prepared according to the instructions. Select the top three or four dishes from the selected service and ask for tasting. Most wedding caterers will oblige to that, especially if the event is a big one with considerable number of guests.
  • Get references. If a caterer has been in business for a significant number of years, they must have enough clients. Don’t shy away from seeking local client references. Alternatively, you can also check online to find reviews of the concerned catering service.

  • Choices for customization. Many hosts prefer to set their own menus for the wedding feast, and if you have any special requests, talk to the caterer and ask them if they can arrange the same. Also, discuss their specialties and the kind of food they usually serve on request.

Start planning now!

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