7 Gorgeous Prom Dresses for 2019 that you should look

Prom is the time to make a statement with your dress. Even if you have been an invisible person all these years make the heads turn with these seven gorgeous prom dress styles in prom season 2019, that we have handpicked for you. Be assured, we have a vast array to pick up a style that matches your dream Prom dress.

  • Sweetheart Prom Dress:  A sweetheart prom dress is an adorable dress that is bold enough to slay with your defined beauty bones. Flaunt your femininity in this dress. It just covers what is essential. If you are making a DIY dress add glitter, shimmer, and sparkles in the best part. It is a bodice styled dress that fits at the key places.  The dress could be floor length or cropped till the knees revealing your sexy legs.
  • Firoza dress: Firoza is a turquoise stone. It is an exotic color to choose if your prom is in the summertime. It is eye soothing, leave the party poppers feel light and refreshed by being in presence. Get this dress custom made or DIY it by adding bodice and straps that are shimmery. Add gems for a royal princess look.
  • LBD- Long Black Prom Dress. Add a twist by wearing a long black dress. Around the neck use black mesh. The sleeves of this dress can be made from the same mesh. The skirt of the dress should be sweeping long. It is a classic black dress. Wear red lipstick and red stilettos to complete the look with a flowery note perfume. You can add a slit to this skirt for a wild and bold look.

  • Dye ombre dress: Dye a dress in one color and make it your statement. You can ombre look by adding colored sequins, studs, glitter and gems in the bottom part. For a vibrant high on energy, look choose colors like hot pink, purple. Add layers to this dress that too are ombre dyed or have sequins used in the same pattern
  • Red lace zip up dress: For a bond girl look buy a lacey fabric add linen to it. that is lighter in color, preferably beige to make the red color pop. The rear of the dress should be open back. Around booty sew a zipper. The same zipper can be used in the sides for a well-fitted body-hugging dress.
  • Savage Wild Print Dress:

Take some style inspiration from the celebrities. Play with the prints like wild animal prints, camo prints, but the keyword here is choosing the colors like black or pastels to fit in the box.

  • Bodycon Dress with mesh: You can never be overdressed with this figure-hugging bodycon. The dress can be accessorized by wearing a belt that can accentuate your dress. Remember Priyanks chopra’s wedding dress. In the

Lower parts attach long mesh.

We hope you got inspired by these ideas. Choose what suits you and makes you comfortable. Be a sport and do mix n match.

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