Details to Consider Before Booking the Best Place for an Asian Wedding

Asian weddings are stunning. If you are yet to witness one, you will be amazed by the colours and the overall vibe of the wedding. In fact, those who host this type of wedding are under a huge deal of pressure to come up with a spectacle. If you are Asian, or are marrying one, you definitely need to step up and showcase an amazing Asian wedding.

The location and the size of the wedding venue are a priority. You need to find one that is big enough to accommodate the guests and they should also have easy access to the place. Of course, the price should be considered. You have to spend on a lot of other things aside from the wedding venue, so you need to find a way to cut costs.

Aside from these major considerations, there are other details that you might overlook. Here is a guide to the small details that should also be taken into consideration.

Service charges

Aside from the main rental fee, you also need to know if the amount that you are paying is inclusive of service charges and taxes. You might be surprised that these supposedly small charges could add up to thousands of pounds on your bill. You definitely want to know in advance how much you are going to pay.

Parking fees

You need a place that has great parking space. If you are inviting a lot of guests to the wedding, there should be enough space for all their vehicles. You should also ask if there is an additional fee for parking. Is it per vehicle or per person? Will there be extra charges for night events? If the venue offers lodging and the guests are staying overnight, will they need to pay more? You have to know all these details, and decide whether you will pay for the parking fees, or guests will.


It is easy to just let the wedding venue provide the catering service if they have one. However, if you need to be specific about what food should be served, as you are having an Asian wedding, and if the caterer cannot provide it, you should ask if you need to pay more for caterers from outside. You need to understand that there are health issues that come with bringing food from outside and the venue owner does not want to be responsible for this.

Selecting the best Asian wedding venues should not be stressful even if you are looking into all these small details. You simply need to go through the process to make sure everything will be perfect on your wedding day.


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